Aloe Vera Family from Holika Holika

Discover all the benefits of the most successful Holika product range: The Aloe Vera Family

When we talk about the best-selling Holika Holika products, we mean the Aloe Vera product line. You will recognize them for their packaging in the form of aloe leaf and above all for their content of pure aloe vera in percentages of more than 80%.

Holika Holika Aloe Vera products contain pure extract of the aloe plant that is obtained directly from the juice squeezed from its leaves in such a high concentration, rarely seen in the cosmetics world. So the purer its aloe content, the more benefits we can obtain by using it.

The aloe used in Holika Holika products comes from the South Korean island of Jeju, unique for its beauty and weather conditions, which makes the flora that grows in its territory richer in active ingredients. Thus, the beneficial effects of aloe vera are multiplied:

-      For All Skin Types: Aloe Vera helps acneic skin and also hydrates intensely so... what type of skin is aloe suitable for? Answer: For all skin types.

-     Moisturizing and Refreshing: Creates a barrier that prevents water loss from the skin. That is why it is ideal to use it every day if you have tight and dry skin, as it will look much more flexible and radiant.

-      Soothing effect that reduces redness and irritations. Cares and protects sensitive or irritated skin.

-      Relieves minor skin burns after sun exposure on a day at the beach or hiking.

-      Treats acne or rosacea thanks to its nti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It relieves small inflammations associated with acne breakouts.

-      Antioxidant and anti-aging effect that does not damage the skin. Stimulates the natural production of collagen.

-      Reduces blemishes on the face. Stops the production of melanin that is the cause of blemishes.

-      Healing effect. Heals small wounds and scars because promotes cell regeneration.

Holika Holika has a very wide variety of very useful aloe vera products with multiple benefits for skin health. See them all here.

The bestseller product in this range is undoubtedly the soothing gel with 99% aloe vera extract with a transparent gelatin texture that does not leave a sticky sensation. It is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin hydrated, fresh and healthy. It also contains other plant extracts such as lotus flower, bamboo, gotu kola, cucumber, corn, cabbage leaf and watermelon.

How can I use the soothing gel with 99% aloe vera extract from Holika Holika? We tend to think that aloe products work only on the facial skin but nothing is further from reality. Write down the following uses and dare to try them:

1.      Moisturizing Cream: Use this gel instead of the traditional moisturizer after facial cleansing for a radiant and well-groomed skin.

2.      After sun: You can use the gel to apply it on the face and body after sun exposure. Increase its cooling effect by keeping the product in the fridge!

3.      Mask: Spread aloe gel on cotton disks and place them in the dark circles area under the eyes and where you have spots or blakheads. Let it soak, remove them and massage the area until the product is completely absorbed.

4.      After shave: Also ideal for men to use after shaving. Also for after hair removal, whatever your method is.

5.      Body Lotion: It can be used to hydrate and soothe the skin of the body even in the most dry and sensitive areas such as elbows, hands or knees.

6.      Hair Mask: To use with or without rinsing. Leaves hair soft and without split ends.

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